Lewis & Irene

Lewis & Irene

Lewis & Irene are a British, family run business. They design fabulous cotton fabrics and sell them to lovely craft and fabric shops in the UK and across the world through leading distributors.

Lewis & Irene were two very special people. They created a happy home and have left a legacy of love threaded through three generations of family.


Sections In Lewis & Irene

Autumn in Bluebell Wood

As the nights draw in and the frost takes hold, all of the animals take shelter in Bluebell Wood.  The hedgehogs are ready for a big sleep beneat...

Celtic Blessings

We've chosen one design, inspired by nature, which is lovely on it's own but will also co-ordinate with Flo's Wildflowers.

Flo's Wildflowers from Lewis and Irene

Contemporary designs with gentle hues in these pretty florals are per...

A Little Bird Told Me by Lewis & Irene

A long cottage garden on a warm day with little birds singing in the trees. I remember my mum, all those years ago, always knowing I'd be...

Autumn Fields

Rich and juicy berries clasped by tiny paws.  The harvest mouse scampers to its cosy nest...


The essential blenders from Lewis & Irene.

Down by the River

The river meanders calmly through the countryside whilst its banks ar...

Home Sweet Home

Snuggle up with some fabulously folksy music, pull out your sewing box, turn on your sewing machine and smile.  Happiness is home made and you ar...

Make Another Wish

This collection features seed heads and hedgerow flowers in delightful pastel shades.

Spring Hare

An English country lane in the springtime.  Sitting still amongst the long grass, where everything is bursting to life, to watch the hares playin...

The Botanist

Inspired by the Passion Flowers that floated on their vines around Lewis and Irene's garden many years ago.  Evoking childhood memories of summer...