Fabric Freedom

Fabric Freedom
Fabric Freedom is a British company producing quality 100% fabrics.  Its Indian Batiks are fair trade goods monitored by the Indian Government.

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Deco Dreams

Art Deco is renown for its bold stylised shapes and dramatic use of colour which is the inspiration for the Deco Dreams range.  This collection i...

Go Dotty Batiks

These dotty batiks are made in India.  They are not suitable for children's sleepwear.

Infinity Batiks

Infinity Batiks are fair trade goods monitored by the Indian Government.  This beautiful range of batiks are hand dyed in Southern India to a ver...

Mini Morris

William Morris is well known for his extensive work with textiles and wallpapers.  With this range of designs,...


This range of designs is inspired by mill engravings of the 19th century.  The printing method, based on steel engraving, is no longer used but t...

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